Building technologies - Steel solid web structure

Steel solid web structure


The structure made of parallel-flanged or variable size I-profile frames is a highly suitable solution for commercial, industrial or agricultural buildings, insulated or uninsulated halls.

Being flexible to dimension, design and manufacture, most of the special needs for span, height or loadability can be fulfilled by the steel system, on the optimum statical model and profiling.

Structural system

Main load-bearing elements of the structure are two or more shouldered, junctured frames of 12-42 m span, layed out for a 6 or 9 meter array. These elements are made of welded I-beams. The purlins are cold-formed, continous Z-profiles, for the 9 m layout alternatively welded frame beams. Overhang of the end purlins is usually one third of the layout distance.


Longitudinal stability of the structure is assured by wind-bracing mounted between the purlins, and longerons placed between the posts. Multi-bayed, craned halls can be built also. The raw material of the welded parts is steel of grade 37 and 52, fastener grades are 5.6, 8.8 and 10.9.


Outside walls can be made of traditional brickwork or light frame structure. In the second case, applying of endwall posts and wall skeleton beams is necessary, these can be fitted onto the primary structure. Roofing can be steel or aluminium trapezoid sheeting coated by either matte or lacquered coating. Any other type of sheet roofing material is applicable, e.g. plastic wave-board, or insulated sandwitch-panel.


Surface treatment

The prepared, cleaned surface is treated by quick drying, one- or two component painting, in state-of-the-art paintshop. For usage in harsher corrosive environment conditions galvanizing is recommended for the primary structure.


Fastener items are galvanized.


For standard structures with walls, are designed to bear 25 kgs/sq.m. of roofing, insulation and technology installations, apart from the meteorogical design factors applicable in Hungary.

Foundation requirements

The steel structure can be erected on concrete or reinforced concrete base. For design purposes we provide the forces calculated on the foundation.