Services - Project Consulting

We assist our clients in answering the project’s strategic questions, we build integrative project structures; we provide practical techniques, tools, methods in the different phases of project work, we draw the attention to typical pitfalls, possible risks. We help project teams execute their work effectively and successfully through process consulting and counseling.

Hoope Ltd. has built up special project consulting knowledge, has gained project management experience from a wide range of projects, and has a professional and infrastructural background. Our consultants can apply their deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience within the framework of project consulting in the following areas:

  • Project initiation, project support by analysis and forecasting of feasibility, success and estimated profitability.
  • Project definition, detailed definition of project objectives – in line with the sponsor’s requirements, establishment of goal structure.
  • Project planning and timeline
  • Planning methods and supporting IT applications for detailed project planning activities
  • Project management techniques and methods to support project
  • Planning and implementation of the project’s internal and external communications
  • Risk management and change management methodologies, practical procedures
  • Support and cooperation in motivating project members, managing conflicts, group dynamics
  • Cooperation in monitoring and controlling tasks of the project